Thai massage

Antigua técnica curativa que proviene de la medicina Ayurvédica.

This technique originated in India and became popular in Thailand. It was developed in Buddhist temples thousands of years ago and is considered a spiritual practice.

It is performed as a meditative practice. It combines passive stretching techniques with acupressure on the muscles and stretches with the application of pressure by the therapist, who uses their hands, elbows, feet, and knees to perform the massage. Make sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing.

A Thai massage provides the same benefits as yoga, which means it boosts physical well-being. More profound effects include balance of all body systems, release of tension in the body, muscle lengthening, deep state of well-being and relaxation, delivery of energy to all body tissues, muscle pain relief, release of tight joints, emotional release, body-mind balance, and increased mobility and flexibility.


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