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Las esencias florales son preparaciones naturales de flores silvestres, cuyas propiedades terapéuticas fueron descubiertas por el Dr. Edward Bach, médico bacteriólogo y homeópata inglés.

This healing system is based on the idea that physical illnesses are the result of an emotional imbalance and that their origins cannot be found in the body where they appear, but rather in the way the person affected sees and lives their life. For Bach, what matters is restoring psychic and emotional harmony, to truly help the body and mind heal.

The primary function of essences is to help people create the cure for their ailments themselves. Each flower essence targets a certain personality trait, attitude, and emotion of the patient. Upon detecting recurrent patterns of thought, feeling, or action, the flower essences that relieve such imbalances are selected to prepare the corresponding flower formula.

As a remedy, it addresses internal conflicts, tensions, emotional blockages, and emotional and mental problems. Bach flower remedies help patients overcome difficulties from the root of the imbalance. This helps direct the patient in the path of comprehensive balance.


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