Our Classes

We offer different class levels that accommodate the abilities of each student, helping them become advanced practitioners. Our studio offers classes for each level, even for persons that have never practiced yoga before. Students will gradually progress as they practice Ashtanga Yoga.

A consistent practitioner will notice how these benefits increase over time. Practicing for a couple of months is not the same as practicing for a couple of years, as the changes a person may experience in their body will likely be more profound. A consistent yoga practice is key to enjoy the true benefits of this discipline, including the highest levels of spiritual development.

Regular classes

Special classes

  • Basic Principles of Yoga

    This is a class…

  • Intro

    Introducción al Ashtanga Yoga, para principiantes y quienes nunca han practicado yoga. 

  • Prep Ashtanga

    Preparación para la Serie I, para principiantes. 

  • Primary Series

    Clase guiada de Serie I. 

  • Mysore

    Práctica personal compartida 

  • Intermediate Series Intro

    Introduction to the Intermediate Series.

  • Intermediate Series

    Clase guiada de Serie II. 

  • Improv

    Vinyasa-flow basándose en los principios del Ashtanga Yoga. 

  • Arm Balance

    Desarrollo de la confianza.