Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Join Monica for a full Ashtanga Yoga weekend experience. Everything from a more conventional guided primary class to deconstructing the sequence to really get to know the essence of it, the foundation that underlies this transformative method. We will practice asana, breathing and meditation together to tap into the power of being in community. We will have the chance to discuss, question and reflect on the tools and techniques we use and their effectiveness. You’ll explore arm balances, inversions and the details that happen in between to discover what lies at the edge of what is possible for you. This workshop is for any student curious to continue growing and finding inspiration along this path!

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10-12pm Ashtanga Guided Full Primary 

1-2pm Breathing

2:30-5pm Inversions and Arm Balances


9-11am Ashtanga Remix

12-1pm Meditation

1:30-4pm Transitions: Strength, Grace, and Attention


Ashtanga Guided Full Primary

This guided practice is the full Ashtanga experience. In a steady and dynamic pace, postures are linked into a sequence that opens deeper dimensions in your mind-body-breath connection. Stamina, strength and flexibility weave into a full-bodied meditation, with refined cueing and careful emphasis on Ashtanga’s vinyasa method.

Modifications and variations will be offered for the more challenging postures to support however you show up on your mat. 


We will practice simple breathing techniques to achieve a more balanced experience in body and mind. This class will provide you with the tools to experience the pathways of the breath more intimately in a way that translates into your asana practice and even off the mat. All levels welcome.

Inversions and Arm Balances

In this workshop, we will take a close look at the foundations for stability in fundamental yoga postures. By understanding these movement patterns and learning to use our energy efficiently we will begin to work towards the possibility of balancing on our hands and going upside down. You will learn the physical and mental skills needed to hold the body in this way. By the end of this workshop, you will know how to identify your unique obstacles and how to integrate new patterns into your daily practice to move past them.

Ashtanga Remix

This guided practice will explore postures from Ashtanga’s Primary and Intermediate series as well as drills to help us access them from a different perspective. Guided by the breath, this class combines continuous movement to build internal heat with holding postural forms to settle in. Turn inwards and flow through a sequence that explores flexibility, strength, and a calmer mind; all while maintaining the foundational elements that make Ashtanga Yoga – Yoga.


Experience the power of meditating in community. Monica will guide you through a sitting practice and hold space for you to settle the mind and drop into the present moment – as it is. Meditation is a powerful tool for coming back to ourselves, a place of simple joy and clarity, which so easily slips through our hands as we move through our day to day lives. All are welcome.

Transitions: Strength, Grace, and Attention

The in between moments can be a powerful space for looking closer at our habitual patterns of thought and movement. We can use this new awareness to intentionally lay down more effective patterns for building strength and flexibility. The movement patterns we will deconstruct in this workshop will allow us to move gracefully between postures, hold the attention steady so the practice becomes a continuous meditation in motion, and provide us with the refined techniques to progressively work towards more advanced postures 

All levels welcome.

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