Pies de persona practicando yoga


Shared personal practice 

During a Mysore practice, the studio remains open for a specific time slot to allow students to come in and practice, whenever is most convenient for them. Once they complete their personal practice they may exit the studio. It is intended to  gather all Mysore practitioners in the same space to share their practice, each person according to where they are in their practice at that time.

Mysore is the traditional style of practicing Ashtanga Yoga, and it is a class in which everyone practices the series individually, according to their personal level. For example, the practice of a beginner will consist solely of Sun Salutations. Over time the teacher will give each student new asanas, making their practice longer and more difficult.

A characteristic of the Mysore style is that the teacher does not lead the students, but rather supervises each student individually. This way the teacher can guide students according to their abilities, skills, and personal needs.

Teacher supervision is aimed at helping students improve performance and optimize alignment, breathing, and other aspects of each asana, which in turn helps them know what to improve and discover new options that will aid them in achieving greater goals. Receiving individualized attention is an excellent way for students to improve and advance in their practice.

Given that it is not a synchronized class, flexibility is managed more gradually, and emphasis may be placed on the poses that each student is struggling with. The goal is that, with commitment and the help of a professional, the students can perfect their practice.

The teacher will adapt the practice to each student so that everyone feels welcome to attend, regardless of their physical condition or knowledge level.

Advanced practitioners will be assigned greater challenges (either because their practice includes more asanas or because they will be assigned the most advanced variations), while beginners will be gradually introduced to the practice. Pregnant and menstruating students, senior citizens, and people with injuries or specific conditions will be assigned a practice that is suitable for their condition.

The only requirements are self-discipline, perseverance, and willpower.