Clase de ashtanga yoga en Satya

About us

Ashtanga Yoga Satya was born on August 7, 2013 as a comprehensive proposal for experiencing a favorable lifestyle, in which mind and body coexist harmoniously and come together to achieve the clarity and sincerity of their own being. The vision of our studio is that students connect with their own light and move away from the distractions that obstruct their self-realization.

Classes in Ashtanga Yoga Satya involve the chanting of mantras, practice of asanas (yoga poses), breathwork, and bioenergetic exercises. After each session, the student feels relaxed and energized.

The studio was founded by Gabriela Mainieri and Fernando Solano, who long ago began their process of exploring and discovering yoga and have strengthened their knowledge through frequent travelling, workshops, and specialized studies, which have allowed them to excel in this path. In 2013 they felt a calling to teach and transcend in other people, by teaching Ashtanga Yoga.

Many schools focus only on the physical aspects of yoga; instead, this studio seeks to spread the whole of Ashtanga Yoga–a millenary lineage–the benefits of which have even been studied by science.

Both Gabriela and Fernando decided to specialize in this kind of yoga, inspired by the positive impacts it offers to practitioners and by the desire to impart the true essence of yoga, using chants, mantras and poses that invite the practitioners to find themselves and to explore their own consciousness.

Practicing in Ashtanga Yoga Satya means belonging to a large family of professionals and students, united under the desire of spreading a philosophy and message that positively impacts others. Getting others to enjoy the extensive benefits of yoga is Gabriela and Fernando’s raison d’être; it is what drives them to continue.

Satyais a Sanskrit word meaning truthfulness, and it is the second yama of the first of the eight limbs that make up Ashtanga Yoga. The reason it is the name of the studio is our purpose of differentiating ourselves through the honesty, openness, and depth of our yoga teaching.

Ashtanga Yoga Satya is a safe place where everyone is respected. Our teachers carry yoga in the hearts and transmit it with purity, authenticity, and transparency.